It’s nice to meet you, my diary!
I was so nervous that it took a while for me to be able to write in you!

Today is my 15th birthday. My grandma gave you to me.
My pen seems to float across the paper. You’re very easy to write in!
I’ll start writing in you every day.
Since I just turned 15, I should start creating new habits like an adult!
My grandpa gave me a camera!
I’ll paste all the photos I take with it in here and write with
colorful pens to make things look lively!

Oh, right. I suppose I should give you a name.
Something that suits spring...How about “Blossom”?
Blossoms look pretty against blue skies. Do you like your new name?
I hope you do! I’m looking forward to writing in you, Blossom.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself! I’m Olivia, your new friend!