Terms of Use

This web site is operated by BANDAI SPIRITS CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as BANDAI SPIRITS).
This web site (www.banpresto.jp) contains various information and data content, all of which is subject to certain usage restrictions. Please be informed of the below conditions for use before using the site.
Any usage of this site or its content implies acceptance of the following terms.

Copyright and Limitations on Data Usage
All images, movies, sounds, text, articles, applications, programs and other content or functions (hereinafter "content") contained on this web site are protected by copyright (or related rights) owned by BANDAI SPIRITS or by their respective copyright owners from whom usage permission has been granted.
Except where permitted by law, the following actions are prohibited without permission from BANDAI SPIRITS.
Furthermore, under currently policy such permissions shall not be granted (including transfer to other web sites, the production of other materials using our content, etc.). Thank you for your understanding.

Prohibited Conduct

  1. Copying of content. This includes reproduction by printing, photographing, recording of sound or images, and any and all other methods.
  2. Sending or posting content via a digital network. This includes networks that are run on a not-for-profit basis.
  3. Loaning of content. The loaning of content for profit is also, of course, included.
  4. Translation, editing, alteration, dramatization or animation (adaptation) of content.
  5. All other actions prohibited by copyright and other laws.
  • * Items 1 through 4 above show primary examples of prohibited actions. It is not to be assumed that actions not listed are permitted.

BANDAI SPIRITS does not provide any guarantees whatsoever regarding content on this website, whether explicit or implied. We cannot be liable for any compensation, costs, data reparations or other liabilities when situations in the following (non-exhaustive) list of examples occur through use of the web site.


  • When a problem relating to content (including normality, accuracy, authenticity, merchantability, suitability for any specific purpose) on this web site occurs.
  • When a virus or other harmful item exists on a web site or server.
  • When an error in transmission of data to or from a web site occurs.

Applicable Laws
Japanese law shall be applied as the governing law for interpretation of these terms of use.
Furthermore, even in the event these terms of use are translated into other languages, the interpretation of the Japanese version shall take precedence.

Any disputes related to this web site shall be submitted to the Tokyo District Court, Japan, as the court of exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance.

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